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Twitter planning policy changes to help combat deepfakes - CNET
Social networks like Twitter are grappling with manipulated videos.
A butt-kicking home theater for a 3D diehard - CNET
For this edition of CNET's Show Us Yours we visit Alex from Worcester, Massachusetts, who describes himself as one of the last 3D enthusiasts.
iPhone, Galaxy S, Pixel: How smartphones evolved to dominate your life - CNET
We bet you couldn't quit your phone even if you wanted to.
Your Google and Gmail will now share a single profile photo - CNET
One image will be shown across all apps in Google's suite of tools for business.
2020 Nissan Titan XD gets more power, standard 4WD and ditches diesel - Roadshow
Following the refreshed 2020 Titan half-ton pickup, the XD arrives with a basket of upgrades.
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