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Facebook plans content moderation crackdown ahead of Derek Chauvin verdict - CNET
The social media giant says it's aiming to protect peaceful protests and limit content that could lead to civil unrest or violence.
Mercedes-Benz EQB electric SUV reveals its boxy zero-emissions shape - Roadshow
This one's just for China, but the US will get its own EQB next year.
The iPad is great for art, games and movies. Apple wants it to be more - CNET
The pandemic has reminded people how important keyboards, mice or trackpads are to get work done. The iPad's still working on that.
The 'Chinese virus' label has led to violence and death. It needs to stop - CNET
Commentary: We're seeing the results of what happens when loaded terms subtly -- or not so subtly -- link the Asian American community to the coronavirus.
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