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Reddit sent AMC and GameStop stock to the moon. Why, and what happens now - CNET
Wall Street bet against GameStop, and online investors saw an opportunity. Now they're all playing a game of chicken with billions of dollars on the line.
Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix works well because Phil Rosenthal isn't Anthony Bourdain - CNET
On CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast, Rosenthal says that the travel series connects with its audience because, like many people, when he travels he wants a hotel with a bed and a pillow. He wants food he can eat, and not necessarily bugs.
HBO Max: What to know about the app streaming movies like The Little Things - CNET
Denzel Washington thriller The Little Things is the next big-screen movie landing on HBO Max the same days as theaters. It arrives Friday.
Doomsday Clock will stay at 100 seconds away from 'midnight' apocalypse - CNET
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warns the world remains in danger in 2021.
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