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SpaceX doubleheader is a home run - CNET
Elon Musk's private space company proves it can handle the pressure of rapid launches, which is key to its pitch of sending more people to space.
'Flawless': 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' earning social media raves - CNET
With great power comes great reviews: Lucky folks who received an early peek at the film are praising it as one of Spidey's best.
Prada sells $185 paper clip, and Twitter can't hold it together - CNET
Sure you could just stuff your cash in your wallet and buy a whole box of paper clips at Target for $1.29, but where's the decadence in that?
Czech power company holds Facebook bikini contest to choose interns - CNET
Commentary: Power conglomerate CEZ seems to think making potential interns wear bikinis and hard hats is cultural enrichment.
How I tried to get Microsoft to turn me away from MacBooks - CNET
Commentary: How is Microsoft selling its new laptop? I went to a couple of Microsoft stores to see whether they could persuade me to give up my MacBook.
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